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Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump (or ASHP) is a complete heating and cooling system that doesn’t depend on fossil fuel combustion. When right-sized to a building, heat pumps can cut heating and cooling bills drastically immediately after installation, while offering year-round seasonal comfort throughout the building with improved temperature controls. 

BlocPower's expertise enables building owners to take advantage of energy incentives, and with flexible financing options, we’re ready to help you install a modern electric system. Get started by answering a few quick questions about your building.

Heat Pump Infographic

Living with a Heat Pump in NYC

Hear from a building owner and tenant who share their experience after making the switch from a gas powered system to electric.

How does air source heating work?

Ambient air moves across the indoor coil, heating the refrigerant into a gas.



The outdoor unit applies pressure to this gas, which creates a hotter gas.


The indoor unit acts as the condenser. The refrigerant condenses back into a liquid, releasing its heat. This stored heat is transferred throughout the building through ductwork or other heating delivery systems. 


The refrigerant moves to the outdoor unit, which relieves the pressure. The refrigerant turns cold, which restarts the cycle.


Heat pumps move heat, but they don’t generate heat. A heat pump draws heat energy from ambient air, even in cold climates. A refrigerant allows the system to move the energy into (or out from) a building.

In heating mode, the ambient air from outside the building acts as the heat source. This is possible even when the ambient air is cold; the heat pump’s refrigerant can extract heat even in cold climates. 

Heat Pumps mean savings

When in cooling mode, ASHPs are about as efficient as central air conditioners and much more efficient than window AC units that are costly to operate. Where heats pumps really save money is by cutting the cost of heating. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air source heat pumps can reduce electricity usage for heating by up to 50% compared to electrical furnaces and baseboard heaters. 

Over the course of an average year, heat pumps save our clients about 20-70% on their annual heating and cooling bills. Heat pumps can also save money through reduced maintenance expenses and by completely eliminating fees for services such as oil delivery. 

air source heating improves your home's air quality

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling by using ambient air from the outdoors. An outdoor unit gathers heat energy from the air, while an indoor unit acts as either a condenser or evaporator to maintain comfortable temperatures. These systems work similarly to refrigerators, but with advanced components that allow them to function efficiently, even in cold climates.

Compared with fossil-fuel systems, heat pumps have several major advantages for air circulation, including:

  • Easy to clean filters

  • Air purification at the point of delivery

  • Humidity control

  • Internal pollutant elimination

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