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Welcome to Electrify Brooklyn!

Welcome to Electrify Brooklyn, an initiative powered by Brooklyn SolarWorks dedicated to helping New Yorkers do their part in the fight against climate change. This site's purpose is to educate NYC residents on how to electrify their homes using solar power and energy efficient appliance upgrades.

As a solar installation company, we've had the privilege of helping over 1,000 of our neighbors switch to clean energy. But over the years, many of our customers have chosen to go even further by electrifying their homes too. Our mission is to make electrification even more accessible for New York City homeowners.

What is electrification?

Building electrification refers to the process of replacing appliances and technologies that run on fossil fuels with ones that are all-electric, and powering the building through clean energy. The goal of electrification is to decarbonize our buildings, which account for 70% of the city's greenhouse gas emissions.

But the benefits of electrification extend beyond climate change: energy efficient appliances powered by clean energy mean reduced electric bills and healthier, safer home environments.

How does electrification work?

There are two main ways to electrify: powering your home and upgrading your appliances.

  1. Power Your Home: Change your building's energy source. Swap out your dependence on fossil fuels for clean, reliable solar energy. NYC has immense potential for rooftop solar, and transitioning away from fossil fuels becomes more urgent everyday. Brooklyn SolarWorks's mission is making solar accessible and appealing for flat roofed homeowners.

  2. Upgrade Your Appliances: Swap out fossil fuel-powered appliances for all-electric solutions. Our friends and fellow Brooklynites at BlocPower are rapidly greening American cities by providing cost-effective, eco-friendly electric heating and cooling systems.

Start Your Journey to Electrification

Electrifying our buildings is crucial to meeting NYC's carbon neutrality goals. Are you ready to do your part?

Start your journey with solar or with electric appliance upgrades.

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Olayide Aribisala
Olayide Aribisala

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